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Daily Essential Nutrients

Essential Nutrients Daily Supplements

Daily Essential Nutrients
360 Capsules

Daily Essential Nutrients is our clinical-strength formula that provides the solid nutritional foundation your brain and body need to perform optimally. It is backed by more independent mental health research than any other vitamin-mineral formulation.

If you don't have a specific diagnosis but you're looking for a high-quality general health formula, check out our Men's and Women's Daily Self Defense.

Read Product Reviews from Health Professionals and other customers. Also available in Powder form.

More Information About Daily Essential Nutrients:

Daily Essential Nutrients is used in private practice by healthcare professionals around the world for the treatment of various conditions, especially mood and anxiety-related disorders such as bipolar disorder, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, OCD, and anxiety disorders. Count on it to deliver results beyond anything seen with other products for these key reasons:*

  • Completeness. Every biological process requires multiple essential nutrients. Daily Essential Nutrients delivers every essential vitamin and mineral you need to fortify your body against serious problems like chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and even brain cell degeneration.*
  • Form. Daily Essential Nutrients is powered by our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology, which combines each mineral with organic molecules—just like nature. This optimizes mineral absorption and enables vital nutrients to efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier, enhancing neuron structure and function.*
  • Balance. The level of each ingredient is calculated to maintain the natural ratios of nutrients in your body that are critical to promote optimal cognitive function, mental clarity, focus, and mood stability.*

Experience a refreshing new level of wellness with Daily Essential Nutrients!*

We recommend that you work closely with your healthcare professional to help ensure that you realize the best results. Detailed information for healthcare professionals can be found in our Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals.

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