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Art Psychotherapy

Art Therapy Overview

In art therapy, people create art, and then with their art therapist, process on what they produced. From that simple process, people can increase awareness of themselves, the world around them, cope with life's difficulties, stress, traumatic experiences, and create a climate of change.

We provide non-threatening couple and individual experiences that explore feelings, self-esteem and personal insight. Art allows people to recognize things in themselves by physically seeing them in their art.

Materials: Art therapists' work with all art media including: pen and ink, colored pencils, paint, crayons, markers, clay, fiber, and collage materials. We provide all the necessary materials clients need in our office or bring them with us when we do off-site work or demonstrations at speaking engagements.

Who benefits most from art therapy?

Anyone seeking therapy can benefit from art therapy, even if it only entails one session to tease out a particular issue or through a series of sessions designed to tackle persistent or chronic issues. The modality of art therapy are particularly effective with:

  • People suffering from trauma
  • Children with ADHD
  • Adolescents
  • Families
  • Older adults with emotional concerns
  • Non-verbal or verbally resistant people
  • Adults seeking career counseling or drug and alcohol counseling
  • Developmentally delayed persons
  • Businesses and organizations seeking team building and creativity exercises

Frequently Asked Questions About Art Therapy

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