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Art Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Art Therapy?

In art therapy, people create art, and then with their art therapist, process on what they produced. From that simple process, people can increase awareness of themselves, the world around them, cope with life's difficulties, stress, traumatic experiences, and create a climate of change.

We provide non-threatening couple and individual experiences that explore feelings, self-esteem and personal insight. Art allows people to recognize things in themselves by physically seeing them in their art.

Materials: Art therapists' work with all art media including: pen and ink, colored pencils, paint, crayons, markers, clay, fiber, and collage materials. We provide all the necessary materials clients need in our office or bring them with us when we do off-site work or demonstrations at speaking engagements.

Who benefits most from art therapy?

Anyone seeking therapy can benefit from art therapy, even if it only entails one session to tease out a particular issue or through a series of sessions designed to tackle persistent or chronic issues.

Why is Art Therapy beneficial?

The creative process involved in making art is both healing and life-enhancing.

Do I have to know how to draw?

Not at all. Art therapy is not about HOW you put something down on paper, but WHAT you put down on paper. There's much more emphasis on self-expression than on technical skills.

Do you draw the whole time during the session?

No, we talk part of the session to engage in the therapeutic process.

Will other people see my art?

No, your artwork is part of your clinical record.

What happens to the art when we are finished with the entire therapy process?

You may take it all with you or leave it with your therapist at the completion of services. It's your choice.

How long is therapy?

One session is one hour in length.